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Free Church Books: What Will Be Inside Your Next Book?

November 10, 2020

Seasons come and go, life can barely change or become unrecognisable, and yet there are certain things that stay the same – reliable, faithful and true. At Free Church Books, we’d naturally say that books are some of those things. The content of a book stays the same however long between reading, and familiar titles can become like old friends. But books, just like all otherworldly things, pale into comparison with the ONE ULTIMATE TRUTH – God is love, and He is in control.

As the year draws to a close, we all need reminding once again of that truth. And since we can, here are a few of our favourite books which will hit you over the head with it!

Timeless Truths to Touch Your Heart

Each month we highlight a ‘Book of the Month’ which we think you simply must have a look at. November’s book is J. Garrett Kell’s ‘Church: Do I Have To Go?’ (2019)James Ross (Buccleuch Free Church) recently read this book for us, and here’s what he said, “We miss church! We miss being the church. But could we explain why we miss it? Are we able to explain to someone who is a non-churchgoer or a new Christian why church is so important to us?... I found this to be a very helpful book to read during this current restrictions, providing a compelling reminder that the Church is God’s people who love and need God, and love and need each other.” You can read James’ full review, and buy the book for only £2.99 here.

Church Do I Have To Go

Another excellent book we think you’ll enjoy is Barnabas Piper’s ‘Hoping for Happiness’ (2020). Sarah Perkins (London City Presbyterian Church) was hugely uplifted and encouraged by it. She said: “This book is incredibly timely, as the world is grappling with what true happiness is in light of their expectations for this past year. I found Piper’s word revolutionary in the way that I have thought about this year and how I hang my hopes on parts of my life that cannot bear the weight.” If that doesn’t inspire you, what will? You can buy the book for £7.64 from The Good Book Company.

Hoping For Happiness

A Couple of Sneak Peeks for Christmas...

Books about Christmas can take many forms – books for kids, evangelistic books, books to give as gifts – but my personal favourite is often books which take you through Advent, preparing the heart and stilling the soul. ‘The Radiant Dawn’, by Tom Parsons (2019) is a journey through the first two chapters of Luke’s Gospel, pausing along the way to focus on each of the joy-filled encounters which surrounded Jesus’ birth. From historical accuracy and reluctant belief to amazement and worship, we see how the joyful good news of Christ’s birth changed hearts, fulfilled prophecies and saved mankind. You can buy this book here for £3.99.

The Radiant Dawn

Meanwhile, for those with hyper kids to entertain and attempt to remind about the Christ in Christmas, you can’t do better than Annie Kratzsch’s ‘Unexpected Gift’ Storybook and Activity Book (2020)Suzanne Kane (First Portadown Presbyterian Church) comments: ‘This really is a fantastic resource. In a year when parents have been stretched thin, this is a resource which has everything done for you- there is no last-minute dash to the shops required for glitter- simply read the page for that day and pull out the craft. Rather than getting caught up in the logistics of the resource it is my prayer that as a family we will focus on the fact that “… though God is huge and strong, he showed up as a tiny, helpless baby. God surprised us by becoming like us so that we can know him.”’ If this sounds perfect for your family, pick up your copies from our online shop here - only £8.98 for the pack!

Unexpected Gift

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