First issue of new children’s mag sells out!

November 7, 2014

In encouraging news, the first edition of the relaunched Free Church of Scotland children’s magazine has completely sold out.

Compass, which replaced The Instructor following a competition for readers to pick a new name, was launched at the beginning of October with a new design and different features aimed at younger children.

There was an extra print run to cope with demand, but these copies have also been snapped up.

Rev Alasdair Macleod, chairman of the Free Church’s Youth Committee, said: “We would like to thank the Church for supporting the launch of the new magazine, and it seems that we underestimated how quickly the copies would go.

“Such is the demand for Compass, I am even considering putting my five-year-old daughter’s copy onto eBay!

“We have heard that several folk have made enquiries to the Free Church offices in Edinburgh, but unfortunately all copies have now gone.

“The Youth Committee hopes the November issue will be just as popular, and would urge the Church to continue to pray that Compass would be used to point many of our young folk to Jesus.”

Compass editor Irene Howat added: “Compass, successor to the 108 year-old Instructor magazine, is well and truly launched.

“Please pray for the children who read the new magazine and buy a copy for yourself.”

Although it’s not quite the same for colouring in(!), you can download an electronic copy of the first edition of Compass by clicking here.