Glasgow & Argyll

First Induction For Covenant Church, Newmilns

October 10, 2017

The ordination and induction of Rev. Benjamin Wilks to Covenant Church, Newmilns, will take place on Saturday 14th October at 2:30 pm.

The congregation, which was formed in October 2013 and became a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland in 2015, voted to call Mr Wilks at a meeting with the Presbytery of Glasgow and Argyll on 15th September. Mr Wilks was present and accepted the Call on the evening.

Mr Wilks recently completed his studies at Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) and completed a 6-week placement in Newmilns in June this year.

The congregation is excited to welcome Mr Wilks, his wife Joanna and their three young children as they enter a new chapter as a church and look to the future.

The congregation also wished to express their gratitude for the oversight, preaching and fellowship provided by the Presbytery, ETS and the wider church during their time of formation and leading up to being able to call a minister. In particular, the congregation are humbly thankful to Rev. Angus Howat who has performed the role of Interim Moderator during this period.

The induction will take place in their regular meeting place of Morton Hall, Newmilns and an open invitation is offered to all members and friends of the church to attend.