Fernandinho stars in latest edition of Free magazine

June 8, 2015

In the June/July 2015 issue of Free magazine:


‘I reached a point where I felt that my life stopped, that I couldn’t go further or back. Everything was bad, even my football.’ So says FERNANDINHO, the Manchester City star, as he talks to STUART WEIR about his footballing career, and the amazing change that took place in his life.


When he was just sixteen years old, SURAJ KASULA became the leader of a feared teenage gang, steeped in violence, robbery and extortion. Now, just over a decade later, he’s about to finish his theological studies in Scotland and return to Nepal to share the Gospel in his old neighbourhood. TONY REINKE tells his amazing story …


Ever wondered what it’s like to go to church to work? STEWART JOHNSON, currently the Ministry Apprentice at Rosskeen Free Church, and PHER NICOLSON, who held the same post in St Columba’s Free Church in Edinburgh, talk about the challenges of the job.


How long does it take you to get ready for a camp? A day? Maybe two, if you are super picky about your travelling outfit? But, have you ever thought about how long it takes camp to get ready for you? ML STONE explains a bit about getting a camp underway, while CAT MAHATO brings you some weird and wonderful facts about last summer’s camps.

The June/July 2015 edition of Free magazine.


In the second article of our footie-based series, DAVID GRAY introduces you to the man with the power … the ref!


Free gets the lowdown on the 2015 Free Church Youth Conference from CARINA MACIVER, EMMA MACAULAY, IAN MACLEOD, MATTHEW SWANSON and STEWART JOHNSON.


What kind of life would you like? Successful? Fulfilling? Varied? CHRIS NICOLSON looks at two women with long, interesting lives behind them − one, happy and content; the other, plagued by doubts − and considers how two similar people can be so different where it matters.


Calum ‘Honda’ MacMillan continues Free’s Bible study in Exodus by looking at a bush that wouldn’t stop burning, and a man who wanted his brother to do all the hard work!


DAVID FERGUSON likes to do a bit of gardening. He especially likes to grow chillies, and in order to get the most out of them, he needs to plant them early. Yet, every year he finds there’s a lesson in patience to be learned − a lesson that can be applied to the prayer requests we present to God.

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