ETS Opening Service Online

August 25, 2020

Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) will host an opening event online this year on the 31st August to formally mark the beginning of their academic year. The service will include a short address by the Principal, Iver Martin. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, all classes, lectures and seminars throughout the first semester will take place entirely online which will mean a very different dynamic for new and returning students, as well as members of staff.  

Principal Martin said, "We are truly grateful to the Lord for the students who have either begun or are continuing their theological studies at ETS in this new session."  

"Whether you're a new or returning student, family member or supporter of ETS, you're welcome to join us as we reflect on the particular challenges of the moment and how we believe that God is able to overrule our greatest obstacles." 

"The ongoing prayers and fellowship of supporters and friends is always a huge encouragement to all who work and study at ETS." 

Please pray that staff and students would know the directing hand of God as they continue to prepare for a life-long mission of serving the Lord during these difficult times.

To watch the service, simply go to where you will be able to access the live stream.