ETS Church History and Theology Lecture

February 18, 2020

Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) has announced this year's Church History and Theology lecture will be delivered by Prof. Mark Elliott on Thursday, 5th March at 2:00 PM in the Presbytery Hall at ETS.

The title of his lecture is "Covenantalism: Scotland's Red Thread".

Mark Elliott is Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at the University of Glasgow and part-time Professorial Fellow at Wycliffe College, Toronto.

Prof. Mark Elliot

[Prof. Mark Elliot]

Mark hails from Glasgow and supports Partick Thistle. He previously taught at Nottingham University, Liverpool Hope University College and St Andrews University. His PhD was in Patristic Biblical Interpretation. His new book ‘Providence: a Biblical, Historical and Theological Account’ will be published in the Spring. He is also co-editor (along with David Fergusson) of ‘A History of Scottish Theology’ published by Oxford University Press (2019).

While this annual lecture is designed to highlight the role of ETS in promoting the study of Scottish Church History and Theology at undergraduate level, it is also part of their promotion of the Postgraduate Taught Masters in Scottish Church History and Theology.

This event is open to all.