End of Semester for ETS Students

April 17, 2018

Friday will mark the end of this semester’s study period for staff and students of Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS). Exams are due to commence on the 27th April through to the 8th May.

The last few months have been a busy period for students especially those who are looking to graduate this summer. Chair of Systematic Theology at ETS, Bob Akroyd, commented, “The current academic session at ETS is coming to an end and that means one thing for our students: exams!"

"Please pray for our students as they try to remember Hebrew verb forms and Greek declensions along with eschatology, ecclesiology and the Great Awakening. Give thanks for another year of teaching and learning – with a big thanks to external lecturers who give their time and talent to make the course at ETS as good as it is.”

The ETS academic year is divided into two halves; the first semester runs from September to December, while the second semester runs from January to May with a closing ceremony on 11th May.

Students study various subjects at ETS such as Systematic Theology, Church History as well as Hebrew and Greek languages. They are continually assessed throughout the year through essay writing and class tests culminating in final exams.

Please pray for the staff and students of ETS over the exam period and continue to remember all the work being planned in the Seminary for short and long-term goals.

Classes will resume on the 5th of September following the summer break.