General Assembly 2019

Ecumenical Relations Committee Report 2019

May 22, 2019

The Ecumenical Relations Committee continued to pursue active relationships with churches and organisations within the U.K. over the past year.

Outlining the Committee's purpose Convener Rev. David Meredith said, "The purpose of the Ecumenical Relations Committee is not to effect full unity through a single world church. Such catholicity is impossible in a fallen world. Our purpose is to relate to other churches."

The Convener acknowledged there were limitations to the Committee due to the lack of financial resources and encouraged the Church to consider investing in the work if they consider it a priority, "The Committee operates on a very limited budget which prevents both development and expansion of ecumenical relations. If the denomination has aspirations to be more involved in inter-church activity, then they must be prepared to increase the financial resources available for this."

The report also indicated a shift in approach by younger church leaders who are not "motivated by formal ecclesiastical contacts." Instead, they are primarily developing relationships through organisations such as 20Schemes, Acts 29 and Redeemer City to City.

"The main lesson to be applied is that we are less willing to attend “talk shops” than we were in the past. The desire is to be co-workers in intentional gospel enterprise. This is no bad thing. In mitigation, a relationship must begin with talking and we have been introduced to a significant number of believers who work in a tough, majority world situation through ICRC [International Conference of Reformed Churches] and WRF [World Reformed Fellowship]."

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