Edinburgh & Perth

Cornerstone Plans For The Future

March 12, 2019

Cornerstone, a Free Church of Scotland church plant in Edinburgh's Morningside, launched its new vision to train and equip future leaders, resource new church plants and offer an accessible venue for the congregation and the local community. In order to achieve this though, they need to make major refurbishments to their B Listed building.

It is hoped that the £300,000 project will provide better access for families, elderly and those with mobility problems by creating a new entrance from the street. Internal alterations to the main hall will also mean they will be able to accommodate an extra 40% more people plus rooms to host a creche and Kids' Church.

An upgrade to the kitchen and food preparation area has been included in the architect's plans as well as the ever essential coffee making facilities.

In their vision booklet, Cornerstone was keen to express their desire to make the "most of this asset for the sake of the gospel over the coming years."

Looking to the future they add, "This is the building that will provide us with a long term base for ministry and which can be a blessing to the wider community."

For more information about the project, Cornerstone has set up a dedicated website which can be viewed here: https://www.osh.org.uk/