Compass Sunday planned for this weekend

October 3, 2014

Free Church congregations are being urged to hold a special ‘Compass Sunday’ in their Sunday School and Bible class groups this weekend (Sunday 5 October).

It marks the launch of the Compass children’s magazine, which replaces The Instructor.

Materials have been sent out to all Sunday School leaders on the theme of the Bible being a compass pointing to Jesus.

Compass editor Irene Howat said: “We are asking Sunday Schools to take a break from their usual lessons on Compass Sunday and to teach one that is being provided on the subject of finding our direction to heaven - just as a compass helps us find our direction of travel here on earth.

“Please pray that God will use Compass in the lives of the magazine's young readers for their eternal good. He is wonderfully able to do that.”

The Free Church’s Youth Committee had launched a competition for one of the church’s youngsters to come up with the new name for the magazine.

After carefully looking at hundreds of entries, the winner was Anna Munro from the Maryburgh and Killearnan congregation, who suggested the name Compass.

Rev Alasdair Macleod, chairman of theYouth Committee, said: “Above all we would ask that people pray for this re-launched, re-designed magazine.

“We believe that there is great potential with this magazine to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ in a way our children can understand.

“Just take a wander into your local Tesco, ASDA or Co-op to see the market for children’s magazines.

“Please encourage your congregations (parents, grandparents and others) to subscribe to this magazine, and to commit to pray for it, and its editor Irene Howat.”