Glasgow & Argyll

Church Plants - Govan

March 15, 2018

The church-planting ministry in Govan is led by Rev. Norman Mackay who, having grown up in the area, was no stranger to the social problems that continue to blight the former borough.

Govan is an area of multiple-deprivation with a huge addiction problem allied to anti-social behaviour, high levels of violence and severe unemployment. Funerals are commonplace and most, if not all, families have experienced some sort of pain and bereavement through the loss of loved ones. Despite this, the area retains a sense of community characteristic of old Glasgow housing schemes.

Unlike other church plants, this one did not begin with a core group but rather one family around whom the work gradually and progressively grew. Today the Church Plant has a congregation of around 30 people, employs multiple effective ministries serving the Govan community, and owns its own building as well as renting office premises at Govan Cross.

The Church Plant partners with several other agencies offering drug rehabilitation courses and is increasingly attracting people whose life has been blighted by crime, alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour. One specific feature of the work is the emphasis on small group study and one-to-one discipleship.

The Govan Free Church Plant embraced a very simple yet profound philosophy of ministry, Mr Mackay comments, “We took the Incarnation as the model of ministry by identifying with the local Govan community in whatever way we could; the cross as the cost of ministry by establishing loving and sacrificial service as the route into people’s hearts and an indigenous church as the goal of ministry thereby refusing to commence any worship services until converts from the Govan community were at the core of it."

"Govan Free Church is living testimony to the fact that God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s provision."

Please continue to pray for the work being carried out by Norman and his team in Govan as they bring the Gospel to the community and build upon the many relationships already made.