Church Plants - Christ Church Glasgow

March 13, 2018

Christ Church Glasgow is in the early stages of planting a new church in North West Glasgow.

Glasgow is Scotland's most populous city and the fourth largest in the UK. Its vibrancy and thriving cosmopolitan outlook provide it with significant influence.

The city heavily shapes culture due to its impact on business trade and manufacturing as well as its innovation in the arts, media and entertainment. With some 133,000 students from 135 countries, Glasgow also plays a large part in moulding education.

Yet it has many social problems with one of the poorest health profiles of any UK city and with the larger number of deprived areas in Scotland. However, Glasgow's greatest problem is spiritual.

The city of Glasgow has as its motto, "Lord let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and praising thy name." While everyone wants Glasgow to flourish, sadly, not many believe this will happen through the preaching of God's word. But Glasgow is urgently in need of more diverse churches to preach God's word and praise his name amongst the many people who are lost and know nothing of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The church planting team is led by Rev. Jonathan de Groot. Commenting on the new plant he said, "The launch team are burdened by the lack of gospel witness in the area and want to be a church engaged in this urban context where people can hear the gospel, see it lived out and come to believe it for themselves."

"Amidst the affluence and poverty, you find professionals and the unemployed, students and the elderly, young families and singles all living in close proximity to one another. We are all excited by the opportunity to begin this new work and bring the gospel to the entire community."

Give thanks to God for the support for this new church plant and for the people committed to reaching the many unbelieving people in North West Glasgow. Please pray for Jonathan de Groot and the team as they have now begun to meet together to pray, plan and work towards a biblical and bold vision for what the new church should be and seek to find the most strategic location possible.