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Glasgow City Members Plant Church In Helensburgh

May 16, 2017

Members of Glasgow City Free Church (GCFC) have started a venture to plant a church in Helensburgh.

Several families who are members of GCFC and who live in Helensburgh have been meeting as a small group, and with encouragement from Rev Colin Dow had been considering the possibility of planting a church in the town.

With several different things coming together last autumn the group started to make more formal plans toward starting a church plant. This has involved taking advice from church planters both within and outwith the Free Church. Nathan Olson (the Mission Development Officer) has met with the group several times over the last few months to help them plan out their vision for the plant and to think through all the necessary planning, preparation and logistics involved. The group have also been using Tim Keller's book "Gospel In Life", as a helpful study guide towards living out the gospel in the community.


The group held their first service on Sunday the 7th of May in the Civic Centre (part of the local council offices), which has been a great provision. It is an ideal space for holding services and is also located centrally in the town. It also has a separate room in which to accommodate the Sunday school and crèche, as well as ample space for welcoming people and having refreshments. The prelaunch services are currently for the core group members only enabling them to organise and setup. They have a goal of launching public services this autumn. The prayers of everyone are appreciated at this time.

The group will be under the auspices of GCFC and so will still be attending GCFC wherever possible to keep that connection alive.

If you want to discuss this project further please contact Colin Dow. If you are interested in helping financially with this new venture please send information on to [email protected] 

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