Preparations Underway for the Annual Leadership Boot Camp

April 27, 2017

Plans are well under way for this year’s Free Church Leadership Bootcamp.

Now in its 4th year, it is aimed at young leaders between the ages of 18 and 25 who are showing a particular gift within leadership.

Attendees are nominated by their Minister or Youth Leader to commit to a three-year program of mentoring which includes a week-long camp at Lendrick Muir. The Free Church Mission Board uses this as an opportunity to enhance and develop the quality of leadership within the denomination.

Each year of the program has an emphasis on a different subject. Those in year 1 will be looking at ‘Gospel Theology’, year 2 delegates will look at ‘Gospel Leadership’ and those in year 3 will be concentrating on ‘Gospel Calling’.

This year’s seminars will be led by those within leadership in the church plus a main speaker who will discuss being a leader in the workplace from a Christian perspective.

As well as concentrated teaching seminars, attendees will take part in interactive discussion sessions and challenging daily physical activities.


Boot Camp


Sarah Johnson of the Free Church Mission Board said, “Bootcamp is a great opportunity for people to develop their leadership skills and focus their minds on what God’s calling is for their lives.”

“As a church it’s our duty to support and mentor our young Christian leaders to make sure they are fully equipped to serve the next generation whether in the workplace or the church community.”

“Currently we are seeking at least three volunteers to come and help cook for the delegates over the week. If it’s something you feel you’d like to do please email me [email protected].”

The team would appreciate your prayers for all the arrangements still to be made. Pray also for the speakers and the attendees that they would be prepared for a great week of spiritual development.