Big Free Rally 2017

October 5, 2017

On Saturday 30th September, nearly 250 young people from all over Scotland arrived at Smithton, full of anticipation for this year’s Big Free Rally.  The place filled up with loud chatter about camps enjoyed over the summer and with excitement for the day ahead.  And they were not disappointed!

Innes and Murray were excellent hosts, creating fun and laughter and making sure every young person felt included.  Alex led the games and what an amazing talent to run games with 250 people and get them all to do what they are meant to be doing!

The praise band led the praise throughout the day – all camp favourites from camps 2017.  The singing was amazing as the young people lifted up their voices to God.

Big Free Rally

Andy Longwe from Cumbernauld was our speaker this year and his interactive talks on “satisfaction” kept the youngest to the oldest fully engaged.  “Life without God will never satisfy us – when you have Jesus, you have everything”.  What a blessing to hear and see all those young people engaging with the message that Andy was sharing with them.

Lunchtime was a great time to go around and chat with everyone who had come along.  It was also a chance to buy from the tuck shop and the Outreach T-shirts stall.  Photos from each camp were on display and there was a prize for the first 3 all correct answers of which camp each poster of photos was from.

The camps 2017 DVD whetted their appetites for camps 2018.  Children who had never been to camp and now excited to become first-time campers next year.

And then it was all over.  There were hugs and tears and promises to keep in touch.  Plans were made for which camp to attend next year.  Firm friendships have been made.

Big Free Rally 2017

It is amazing to know that these young people have willingly given up their Saturday to come to a Christian event.  They came full of anticipation, full of excitement and left with the Gospel message firmly in their heads and hearts.

We pray that God will bless the young people who attend the Big Free Rally and we give thanks for opportunities such as these to share the good news of the Gospel.