Big Free Rally 2020 Online

September 22, 2020

Hundreds of young people had been planning to make their way to Smithton Church in Inverness this Saturday for the annual Big Free Rally (BFR). Current Covid-19 restrictions, however, have made this type of gathering impossible. Undeterred, the organisers have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks on creative ways to engage those who had planned to attend.

The BFR is an all-day event usually filled with games, activities, music and Bible talks. To give a sense of this, even in the current situation, the team plan to release a new, short video every 30 minutes on their YouTube Channel, beginning at 11 am.

Rev. Peter Turnbull, minister of Burghead Free Church and Free Church Youth Camps (FCYC) Leaders Emma and Davi de Paula will both deliver short, engaging talks. There will also be some singing, photos of favourite moments from previous camps and a Q&A with Jo Hulks, Kirsten and Abe Abioye and Lachie Macdonald. Next year's camps, including a brand new one for 2021, will be announced and expect a few surprises throughout the day as well.

Camps Administrator, Kirsten Macdonald said, “We're so excited to be able to share these videos - I can't wait for Saturday!"

"While we're so disappointed not to be meeting in person, the great thing about the Big Free Rally Online is that we're not limited to the number of young people who can tune in, and it's also very easy to share the videos with friends."

"The videos will be going out every half hour, but they'll also be available to watch afterwards so, if there's something you missed that you want to hear again, or if you're waiting for your pal in America to wake up so you can watch them together, just check back into our YouTube channel any time!"

For more information visit the FCYC website:

The FCYC YouTube Channel can be found here: