BBC Showcases Free Church Buildings and Songs

April 13, 2017

Glasgow City Free Church featured on two BBC programmes this month: Alexander Greek Thomson – Glasgow’s Master Builder and Wayfaring Stranger with Phil Cunningham. 

On 2nd April in Alexander Greek Thomson - Glasgow’s Master Builder, broadcast on BBC2 Scotland, Evan Macdonald (session clerk of Glasgow City Free Church) spoke of the architect’s faith and how it directed his life and work. Thomson was a committed Christian who designed the Caledonia Road United Presbyterian Church and the St Vincent Street Church, which is now home to Glasgow City Free Church. 

The current congregation at Glasgow City were shown singing Psalm 100 to the tune Old 100th. 

Three members of the congregation also spoke of their fondness for the building. The programme included some unique footage of the interior courtesy of a drone camera. The photo shows David Hayman who presented the programme. 

Wayfaring Stranger, aired on BBC Northern Ireland on the 6th April, explored the history of Ulster-Scots music. Presented by Phil Cunningham, the programme visited Glasgow City Free Church to hear the congregation singing Psalm 121 to the tune French. 

Both programmes are still available to view on the BBC’s iPlayer.