Appeal For India

May 5, 2020

The Free Church of Scotland's Mission Board has received a report from Rev. Samit Mishra concerning the desperate situation in central India due to Covid-19.  

Family Helped

Pastors and church planters received their salaries up to the end of February. Yet due to lack of offerings, they have not been paid since. This scenario is repeated in the two Mission Schools at Chhapara and Lakhnadon. As the schools are shut, no fees are coming in and the staff are not being paid. Many members of staff have extended families that rely on their income. 

The local churches also have a burden to support the very poor in their area.  Due to the lockdown in the cities, most workers have made their way back to their home villages. These journeys are 200-500 kilometres for those returning to the Madhya Pradesh area, where Rev. Samit and his colleagues are situated. With no income, the returnees are putting an extra burden on their families. The churches in the region are helping as best they can, but they fear the situation will get much worse.

Man At Door

The Mission Board, in launching this appeal, commit to match every pound raised by our supporters up to £5000. If you pay UK tax and let us know, the Government will also contribute 25% on top of your donation.

The Free Church has been supporting ministries in India for many years and hopes to continue to help at this difficult time. Over the coming weeks in May we will highlight some of the key work that is taking place.

You can donate here until the 30th May. Please use "Appeal For India" as a reference.

Rev. Samit Mishra from the Presbyterian Free Church of Central India shares an update on the current situation they are facing due to Covid-19.