Glasgow & Argyll

Ann's Story

October 24, 2019

Govan Glasgow is rarely out of the news. The deployment of riot police locking the area down, murders, drug dealing and multiple deprivations all make for sensational reading, selling tabloid newspapers and creating the impression of a housing scheme that is simply a no-go war zone. 

Given this impression, we would not normally expect to find an elderly lady in her 84th year joining with and committing herself to the Govan Church planting venture right in the heart of our community. But that is exactly what has been happening recently with Ann Jamieson.

-Rev. Norman Mackay (Govan Free Church)


Here is Ann’s story. 

Recently God has brought me into a new season in my Christian life and one that has blessed me greatly and surprised me incredibly. In short, he led me to be part of this exciting church planting venture. As well as church life in general, I just love our street café on the Govan Road.

Every Tuesday local friends come in and we all know each other like a family. When I first talked to Norman in the Govan office I am sure he thought I was mad. What’s an elderly lady like me doing coming to this sort of work?

So how has God blessed me through this experience?

1. My eyes have been opened. 

Around Govan, there is terrible suffering the extent to which I never fully appreciated before now. Very few people in this community have been spared deep personal pain and there is hardly a family that has not known trauma of some kind. For many people in Govan just getting through the day is a huge victory.

2. My Life has been enriched. 

The folks who come into our café are becoming more like friends and family. Perhaps some of the younger ones look on me as a kind of grandmother figure which is so endearing. We are all on first name terms and it is wonderful to experience people entrusting their life stories to us as well as wanting to hear ours as well. Whatever someone’s background we love and care for each and every one.

3. My horizons have been widened. 

Love this church. It’s tempting to think that as we get older the opportunities to love and serve are fewer. My experience has been the opposite. Sitting listening to young men and women whose lives have been blighted by addiction and crime has opened up a whole new season of listening and caring. God has kept the best till the latter stages of my life.