A wee taste of heaven

October 19, 2015

Have you heard the one about the Colombian, the Brazilian, and the Malaysian who walked into a church?

It's not a joke... it's much better than that! Let me explain.

The past year has seen lots of changes in Bon Accord Free Church in Aberdeen with many folks moving on and new folks coming on board.

One of the resulting challenges we were faced with over the summer was recruiting three new Sunday School teachers... no easy task.

But the Lord has generously provided... that's right... a Colombian, a Brazilian, and a Malaysian!

We are so grateful for Diana, Thaisa, and Enid - for their love for the Lord and commitment to His cause - but we are especially grateful to be part of the church of Jesus Christ made up of men and women, and boys and girls from 'every tribe and language and people and nation'.

It's a wee taste of heaven.

Rev David MacPherson

Rev David MacPherson is minister of Bon Accord Free Church in Aberdeen. Check out their website by clicking here.