24 young people at second leadership bootcamp

June 10, 2015

This week the leadership bootcamp in Perthshire returns for its second year!

Bootcamp is a three-year programme that includes intensive teaching, challenging physical activities, and interactive discussion sessions on theology, leadership and service.

It is designed to equip young men and women with the Biblical teaching and skills to lead well within their local church, and chosen vocation.

2015 Free Church of Scotland leadership bootcamp

The Free Church’s Missions Board will use this as an opportunity to enhance and develop the quality of leadership within the denomination in the coming years.

Ministers throughout the Free Church have been given the opportunity to recommend young people within their congregations who are showing particular gifting in leadership, and who would benefit from the week long programme, as well as the reading and discipleship that follows.

This year there are 24 campers, 14 returning for their second year and 10 coming for the first time.

2015 Free Church of Scotland leadership bootcamp

Those in year 1 will have an intensive introduction to the theology of the Gospel.

Kilmallie and Ardnamurchan assistant minister Rev David Kirk and Free Church Moderator Rev David Robertson are joining to deliver sessions on The Gospel in Biblical Theology, The Gospel and Justification, The Gospel and Sanctification, and The Gospel and Culture.

Those in year 2 will be concentrating on Leadership.

Niddrie’s Rev Mez McConnell, Chalmers Church’s Rev Dr Robin Sydserff, Ishbel Maclennan and Cornerstone’s Rev Neil MacMillan will be leading sessions on Gospel Centred Leadership, Servant Leadership, Leadership at work and Leadership Skills, respectively.

2015 Free Church of Scotland leadership bootcamp

The team would appreciate your prayers for this week – for campers, speakers and leaders – that it would be a great week of challenging teaching and spiritual development.