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2019 Ayr Bible Convention

August 8, 2019

The 2019 Ayr Bible Convention takes place over the week of 3rd - 6th September in Ayr Free Church.

The annual cross-denominational event attracts many people from across Ayrshire and beyond for a week of Bible teaching and preaching. This year Rev. Martin Allen and Rev. John Angus MacLeod will both address the convention.

Martin is a retired Church of Scotland minister who had a 30-year ministry in Chryston Parish Church (1977-2007). Martin first arrived at the village church back in 1977.

Before entering the ministry he worked with the Scottish Gas Board in Edinburgh for 7 years. Since retiring he has exercised a roving ministry. Brought up in Dundee, he went to university in the city, then worked for seven years in Edinburgh with the Scottish Gas Board. He left his job and went to Edinburgh University's School of Divinity where he obtained a first-class honours degree. In Edinburgh, he became an elder at Holyrood Abbey and, under the tutelage of the minister James Philip, decided to change career. He was ordained on February 17, 1977. An assistant's role followed in Edinburgh, then a scholarship took him to America to preach in Missouri, Texas and South Carolina.

John is currently a full-time lecturer at Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) teaching New Testament and Greek, Presbyterian Church Ministry Module and the increasingly popular Saturday Course. He is passionate about moulding minds for Christian service. 

Prior to being called into the pastoral ministry, he was employed as a telecommunications engineer. Having majored in Religious Studies and Biblical Languages in Aberdeen, he entered and was trained in the Free Church College, and was inducted to Dingwall Free Church of Scotland in the Highlands. He was appointed to the chair of New Testament, Language, Exegesis and Theology in 1999.

His interests range across Old and New Testaments and he is currently researching the place of Psalms in the New Testament church, and developing material for the use of Christians in the pew.

John is married to Elizabeth and they have six of a family. He enjoys his family, walking, gardening and exploring new technologies.

Refreshments and a bookstall will also be available at the convention venue in Ayr Free Church, with all sessions getting underway at 7.30pm.


Convention Program


Rev. Martin Allen

Tuesday 3rd September

Jonah: A Signpost for Humanity - Directions to a Sovereign Character


Wednesday 4th September

Jonah: A Signpost for Humanity - Directions to a Compassionate Character


Rev. John Angus MacLeod

Thursday 5th September

Good Works - Despised by God, Shaped by Christ


Friday 6th September

Good Works - Attractive Christianity in the 21st Century


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