2014 camps programme underway

July 11, 2014

Can you believe that the first lot of Free Church Youth Camps of the summer have almost finished?

We’re grateful for updates from Kincraig and Whithaugh, who have been getting up to all kinds of mischief this week!

The Kincraig camp in the Highlands, led by Deuan Jones, has been doing a ropes course at Tree Zone, a treasure hunt, a movie night, dancing, messy games and even fitting in a visit to the Highland wildlife park!

And the folk in Whithaugh, in the Scottish Borders, have been enjoying horse-riding, crafts and lots of other daring adventurous activities.

This has been complemented with camp leaders giving age-appropriate talks from the Bible each day.

Campers heading to the Welsh border for the Oswestry camp will begin their journey today (Friday 11 July), with Dunbar junior football in East Lothian and Comrie junior in Perthshire starting tomorrow (Saturday 12 July).

Over the summer it is expected that more than 300 young folk will participate in the camps programme.

Please keep praying for: 
-safety in travel and in all activities
-to keep all involved from harm in any way
-to bless the witness of the leaders, that they may give a Christ-like example
-to bless the Bible talks
-to build up those youngsters who are already Christians
-to bring many to repentance and faith as they hear the challenge of the gospel
-to give our young people commitment and perseverance as they return home after camp

It is hoped there will be further updates from camp throughout the summer programme.