National Covenant Moved For Restoration

A copy of the National Covenant which is held in the Free Church of Scotland’s Presbytery Hall is being sent for restoration.
Free Church Operations Manager Robert Wilson (L) helps to remove the National Covenant

A copy of the National Covenant, bequeathed by the 11th Earl of Dalhousie in 1874 and housed in the Free Church of Scotland’s Presbytery Hall, is being sent for essential maintenance and restoration.  

The Conservation Studio in Edinburgh’s South Queensferry has taken on the task of restoring the historical document.  

After many years on display, it has slipped from its position resulting in wrinkles in the parchment. The conservationists plan to clean the frame and the gilding, clean the glass and reframe the document for display.   

The National Covenant of 1638 is a document signed in Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh by many Scottish nobles and ministers. It opposed the innovations of Charles I’s Laudian Prayer Book (1637) which had imposed an Anglican prayer book on all churches in Scotland. The event was a key step in the political events which led to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and ultimately the creation of Great Britain as a British state.