THE MIssion Board


The Mission Board is the Board with the widest remit in the Church, with responsibility for everything from facilitating the planting of 30 churches by 2030 to assisting congregations as they seek to establish healthy, sustainable ministry in existing churches.

The Board works closely with local congregations, Presbyteries and other Boards as it strives towards the vision of having a healthy gospel church for every community in Scotland. Such a church evangelises well, disciples well and equips its people well, with a heart for the body of Christ and the proclamation of His saving work at both a local and a global level.

Generation is a movement of Missional Networks in Scotland and across the world.

Our Work

The Board’s work is divided into four sub-committees which operate under the name Generation.

Church Planting

The Free Church of Scotland has a vision to plant 30 churches by the year 2030. This vision is facilitated through creating a network of plants, recruiting, training and coaching planters, and raising money towards this valuable work. You can find out more about the work of Church Planting, and can find links to donate to this work, here.

Church Development

A key element of the Mission Board is the revitalisation, or ‘development’, of already established congregations in the Church. The Board comes alongside congregations to help them evaluate, strategise and grow. One example of the resources dedicated to this work is the Church Development Track, where ministers of certain congregations can meet together for training sessions and create a culture of openness and accountability among one another as they seek to develop their churches.

Church Equipping

The work of the Mission Board has some very practical aspects which involve every congregation of the Church. The Church Equipping sub-committee has a focus on equipping local churches to serve every generation well, for example recommending Sunday School materials, aiding the organisation of the Free Church Youth Conference, providing support to the organisers of the Free Church Youth Camps and providing prayer resources for the denomination.

Global Mission

Global Mission is a vital component in the life of the Church. The Free Church of Scotland has a rich history of international mission and has adapted its vision for the 21st century to emphasise the development of globally-minded local congregations. The Mission Board has a budget for supporting Global Mission work with time-limited grant funding, and encourages equal partnership with mission partners from all over the world through open lines of communication. The Global Mission sub-committee is responsible for communicating the work of the Mission Board in this area, such as drawing together the strategy for the Board, and providing resources for the development of globally-minded Christians in local congregations.


Secure Resources Ministry Matters

The Ministry Matters website contains a host of information about legislation for ministers, elders and church workers as well as other resources such as the annual in-service training and finance updates.

If you have forgotten your password and user name, contact the Free Church of Scotland offices on 0131 226 5286. 

Meet the Board

The Mission Board has a number of employees who contribute to fulfilling the remit of the Board:

David Macleod


David Meredith

Mission Director


Clerk to the Mission Board and Mission Coordinator

Sarah Johnson

Mission Coordinator

Neil MacMillan

Neil MacMillan

Church Planting Director

Donald Macleod

Camps Supervisor

Mairi Beaton

Camps Coordinator