Minister Inducted to Cumbernauld Free Church

Rev. Tom Penman was recently inducted into Cumbernauld Free Church.

The congregation of Cumbernauld Free Church gathered with members of presbytery, friends and well wishers of the congregation to welcome Rev Tom Penman as their new minister on Saturday 16th March. Mr Penman who was previously minister of South Uist Free Church comes to a congregation which has been vacant for over 2 years since the translation of Rev Andrew Longwe to London Presbyterian Church.

The service was conducted by Rev Dr Roger Crookes with the sermon from Acts 4 being preached by Rev Duncan Murchison. Mr Murchison proclaimed a challenging and encouraging message on the theme of “Proclaiming Jesus’ name”. Rev Dr Colin Dow gave the charges to the new minister urging him to focus on excelling on the core tasks of preaching and pastoral work, to take time off for himself and his family and to find support and encouragement in other members of the presbytery. Rev Ivor MacDonald, interim moderator during the vacancy then addressed the congregation from Hebrews 13:17 urging them to find mutual joy with their minster in the work of the gospel and caring for one another.

There was a clear sense of joy and expectation both in the service and in the lovely meal that followed. Cumbernauld is a united and outward looking congregation. Do pray for them and Tom, their new minster and his wife Mhairi and three children Deborah, Abigail and Peter as they settle in and ask the Lord to bless their desire to proclaim the name of Jesus to the town of Cumbernauld.