Kiltarlity Free Church Launch September Events

Kiltarlity Free Church is partnering with Solas this September to run a series of events.
Kiltarlity Event

Kiltarlity Free Church is partnering with Solas to hold two events this month.

On Saturday 24th September, a Confident Christianity Conference will be held in the morning and an outreach event for teenagers will take place in the evening.

Rev. Stephen Allison, of Kiltarlity Free Church, said: “We are pleased to have Solas joining with us to run these two important events. We recognise how hard it is to speak about faith today but it is essential in our ever changing society that Christians are equipped to share their faith in a winsome and persuasive way. Our Confident Christianity Conference is a great way to help Christians feel more confident as they seek to speak out. And we are particularly excited about our evening event – this is a new idea for Solas, seeking to reach out to Teenagers and help them to think through what they believe themselves.”

Solas Centre for Public Christianity is a ministry organisation based in Scotland. It seeks to persuasively communicate the transforming truth of who Jesus is and equip others to do the same.

The Confident Christianity Half Day Conference – Sharing the Gospel in an Age of Uncertainty will be held from 9am to 1pm (Doors open at 8.30am).

Speakers Andy Bannister, Clare Williams and Gavin Matthews will share the following talks: Evangelism to the Apathetic; Does Jesus matter in our age of moral outrage? and Persuasive Evangelism: A Biblical Model? There will be a chance to ask questions directly during the Q&A.

Organisers said: “We will help you become confident and empowered to talk about Jesus more naturally, engage in evangelism that persuades people, and feel equipped to answer the questions of your friends.

“You are warmly invited to join us for this exciting event aimed to help you share the good news of Jesus with the people in your life.”

Tickets are £10. Under 18’s are free. Tickets are available via the online booking system, Eventbrite. Search for Confident Christianity Half Day Conference (Solas) on Eventbrite for more details.

There will also be a bookstall from 10ofThose available at the conference.

An outreach event for teenagers called Redemption: Questioning Faith will be held in the evening, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

There will be a couple of games and then Clare Williams will be giving a short talk on the question – Is Christianity dangerous? After that we will have Domino’s Pizza and other snacks available for everyone before we host a Grill a Christian session with Andy Bannister and Clare Williams where you can ask them any question you like about life and faith.

This event is completely free, but you do need to book. Tickets for this event are also available from Eventrbrite.