Induction of Minister to St Columba’s

Rev. Dr Cory Brock has been inducted into St Columba’s Free Church, Edinburgh.

The history of the Lord’s work in and through the saints of St Columba’s Free Church entered a new chapter on Thursday 14th March with the induction of the Rev. Dr Cory Brock.

To most of the capital it was another dreich March evening, however to those in Free Church it was a day of rejoicing and thankfulness to the Lord in the bright building of St Columba’s. The evening’s events of the induction of a North American minister which were preceded over by the Presbytery Moderator, the South American, Alberto de Paula. Truly it was a night demonstrating the changing culture within the Free Church where the nations have come to Scotland and are serving in his church here.

With readings led by members of the congregation for their new minister, there was a certain poignancy as the previous minister, Derek Lamont, came to proclaim the excellencies of Christ from God’s Word. Derek spoke from Matthew 25 and the parable of the ten virgins, calling all those there to remember that all of life is gravitating towards the return of Christ. All of life is to be governed by this reality. Be prepared for a long delay, but be ready for Christ’s return in the morning. In ending his sermon, Derek encouraged the congregation to remember the burden that Cory now bares in helping them get ready for Christ’s return and to help make it a joy, as the church fellowship had done for him.

Having satisfactorily answered all the questions required of him, Cory signed “The Formula”, a formal document agreeing to uphold the beliefs of the church, and was officially inducted to the charge and welcomed by members of all the Presbyteries represented. After being led in prayer by one of the church’s elders, Don Macleod, This was followed by gifts being presented to the Brock family from their new church family, including what was possibly the largest ever ‘Colin the caterpillar cake’.

Hospitality was enjoyed by all who were able to stay before stepping back out into the very dark and wet Edinburgh evening.