Supporting Mission inIndia

Presbyterian Free Church of Central India

The Presbyterian Free Church in India is a small denomination started by our missionaries and is now an independent church. There are congregations in Jabalpur, Chhapara and Laknahdon. New churches have been planted including in Kahari which was partially funded by contributions from the Free Church of Scotland.

Mission Schools in Lakhnadon and Chhapara

These two mission schools provide education for over 1,000 children, who are almost all from a Hindu background. The schools are recognised as being among the best in the region. There are opportunities to help with short-term teaching in these schools.

Emmanuel Hospital Association

Lakhnadon Christian Hospital is a busy 30-bed hospital run by the Emmanuel Hospital Association. All the Free Church missionaries left in 1988. The hospital specialises in surgery, ophthalmology, child health and dentistry. All professional staff are Christians, and every opportunity is taken to testify to Christ. Although charges are made for services, much free and subsidised care is also given, and the Hospital still requires funding to help cover these costs as well as any new equipment.

For more details about Lakhnadon Christian Hospital and the Emmanuel Hospital Association click here.

Lakhnadon Christian Hospital

Global Mission comes under the remit of the Mission Board of the Free Church of Scotland.