In A Big Country – Seminar Speaker

Introducing Prof. Heather Major, one of our seminar speakers at this weekend’s rural conference.
In a Big Country

Heather is a missional theologian who has spent 5 years researching and writing about the living realities of mission and ministry in rural churches for her PhD in Practical Theology with the University of Glasgow.  She has a background in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, specialising in psalms of lament and imprecation, and currently teaches Hebrew at Highland Theological College.

Prof. Heather Major

In her seminar she will be presenting perspectives from her PhD research experiences and facilitating interactive reflections and discussions around rural mission and ministry.  The session will include reflecting on the past and present as well as looking towards the future.  What does it mean to think/talk about a creative and sustainable future for mission and ministry in rural areas?  How do we make changes and take action, letting go of what hinders and embracing missional possibilities?

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