Visiting for the first time

It can be difficult visiting a church for the first time, particularly if you are on your own rather than with a friend or family.

There are no rules about what to wear, please come as you are.

When you come to our services you will be given a warm welcome, but it won’t be over the top. 

There will be someone to greet you at the door and hand you a Bible and a praise book. 

Please then find a seat in the church – there are no reserved places, but you will probably want to find somewhere where you feel comfortable and perhaps also where you can see what other people are doing so you know when to stand up and sit down. 

Most congregations will also have a Sunday School and crèche for young children during the service – all of our volunteers have been fully disclosed by the Scottish child protection register (PVG scheme). 

Services normally last around an hour. Visitors are not asked for money or expected to make any kind of donation.

There will be people milling around after the service should you have any questions about the worship and the message.

We particularly encourage agnostics, atheists and people of other faiths to come to our services because we want everyone to know about Jesus. This makes the Free Church a very interesting place to be! No one is excluded!

I am from a different Christian denomination:

Whether you have just moved home and are looking for a new church, or perhaps on business or vacation, we are delighted to welcome visitors from other Christian churches. 

Some of our members have come from different Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Charismatic and Roman Catholic backgrounds, and we trust you will feel at home amongst us. 

To briefly summarise, we are a Bible-believing church with an evangelistic emphasis on sharing the Gospel. We aim to provide a God-glorifying atmosphere of simple, spiritual and scriptural worship. 

We promote excellence in the preaching and teaching of the Bible, with the aim of empowering Christians to take the good news of Jesus to others as well as making themselves into lifelong disciples through the study of the Bible. 

And of course we encourage the development of the Christian community, both within the Free Church and with other denominations.

Hopefully you’ll find us a friendly bunch, so if you have any questions just ask.

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