Healthy Gospel Church Characteristics: Healthy Worship

Free Church of Scotland CEO Andrew Giffen introduces a discussion about Healthy Worship as part of a video and discussion series looking at seven characteristics of Healthy Gospel Churches.

The vision of the Free Church is of A Healthy Gospel Church for Every Community in Scotland.  But one of the questions that we get asked is “What is a healthy church?”

In this video and discussion series we are therefore looking at seven characteristics of healthy Christians and healthy churches.  Churches with Jesus Christ and the Christian gospel at their centre.  We talked last time about Healthy Preaching.  The second characteristic is Healthy Worship.

Healthy Worship acknowledges God for who he is, who he has revealed himself to be, and seeks to give him the glory and honour that is due to his name.

Joining together in corporate praise allows us to hear each other express the truth that God is worthy of our worship and helps to warm our hearts again when we are struggling.

Healthy worship also recognises, that in view of God’s mercy and love, we respond with lives of worship, seeking to bring him honour before a watching world.

So, healthy worship is going to be important for healthy churches.

In terms of fostering healthy worship, it helps when ministers take sufficient time to plan the service, preparing to lead others in worship.  That is probably one of our strengths in the Free Church.  There is perhaps opportunity to involve others in doing a Bible reading or a prayer.  And of course, healthy worship will make the connection to worship as the whole of life, including the challenges of Monday morning.

Throughout this video and discussion series we are wanting to encourage conversation with others in your congregation about each of these seven areas.  The discussion guide asks each of us to think about, “How might I grow in health in the area of worship?” and “How might my congregation grow in this characteristic of healthy worship?”

In the Free Church we want to see increasingly Healthy Christians, and Healthy Gospel Congregations.