Healthy Gospel Church Characteristics: Healthy Prayer

Free Church of Scotland CEO Andrew Giffen introduces a discussion about Healthy Prayer as part of a video and discussion series looking at seven characteristics of Healthy Gospel Churches.

The vision of the Free Church is of A Healthy Gospel Church for Every Community in Scotland.

In this video and discussion series we are looking at seven characteristics of healthy Christians and healthy churches.  Churches with Jesus Christ and the Christian gospel at their very centre.

We talked previously about Healthy Preaching and Healthy Worship.  The third characteristic is Healthy Prayer.

Healthy Prayer expresses our complete dependence on God for everything we have and are.

We need God by his Holy Spirit to awaken faith in us, to strengthen and equip us, to provide for us, to lead us as individuals and congregations.  Healthy prayer allows us to confess our sin, thank God for his blessings, and ask for his help.  And as we know, there is something special about coming together for corporate prayer.  God says that he will be present even if it is only two or three who gather.

Healthy prayer ultimately allows us to humbly submit and align ourselves to God’s perfect will.  So healthy prayer is essential for healthy gospel churches that are seeking to live under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

In order to encourage healthy prayer, it can help to make prayer points and resources available for the congregation.  It is important for us to spend a good amount of time actually praying at our prayer meetings.  There could be different ways to structure our prayer meeting or different times to gather for corporate prayer.  And perhaps promoting some books on personal prayer, or sharing encouragements and ideas to improve our devotional life.

How a congregation encourages healthy prayer will differ depending on the local situation.  If you are participating in this video and discussion series as part of a small group or leadership team, please take some time to discuss this characteristic.  What might I as an individual do to grow increasingly healthy in prayer?  And what can my congregation do to grow in healthy God-dependent prayer?

We want to grow Healthy Gospel Churches in Every Community in Scotland.