Healthy Church Gatherings 2023

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Meeting together to encourage one another and share in the vision for A Healthy Gospel Church for Every Community in Scotland is the aim of a series of gatherings this year.

Healthy Church Gatherings are being planned across the Presbyteries during 2023 and you are invited to attend. The hope is to bring together as many members of congregations as possible for a time of input and then discussion, with a focus on us hearing the views and ideas of one another. 

There will be updates on how some churches have taken hold of the vision, as well as time to discuss some main topics, give feedback, ask questions and pray together. 

We trust that the time together will also prove helpful to leadership teams in every local church as they seek to build increasingly healthy gospel congregations.

Andrew Giffen, CEO of the Free Church of Scotland, said: “These gatherings are a great opportunity for us to come together and encourage one another in growing in spiritual health both as individuals and in our lives together as a congregation. We want to see healthy Christians, healthy churches and an increasingly healthy denomination. We will be thinking about what God wants the church to be, and how all of us can play a part in growing health in our congregations. There will be time for discussion, prayer and also worship together as a presbytery gathering.”

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If you have attended a Healthy Church Gathering and would like to give feedback on the event, please do so below.