Developing Churches · Equipping People · Planting new churches in Scotland and Beyond

'Generation' is the Mission Board of the Free Church of Scotland. This group supports and oversees the development of churches, the equipping of people and the planting of new churches in Scotland and across the world.​

Church Planting

Generation Church Planting exists to build thriving gospel-centred local churches and communities in Scotland’s cities, suburbs, towns and villages.

Church Development

Local churches are at the heart of God’s mission. Church development is about breathing new life into churches that have seen decline or have reached a plateau.

Church Equipping

We want to equip people to help others follow Jesus Christ. We want all of our people, young and old, to live on mission to make Jesus both famous and loved.

Global Mission

We want to reach unreached groups around the world and we want people to hear and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is our mission.

Listen to the Podcast

In these podcasts, we sit down with guests from different backgrounds to discuss mission, evangelism and other Gospel issues in Scotland and further afield.

Generation Podcast
We exist to generate hope in Christ, generate positivity within the church, and to generate confidence among the partners and funders we work with. We’re mission-minded, gospel-focused, flexible and adaptable. We look to partner with other gospel-minded organisations whenever the opportunity opens up to us.

David Meredith
Mission Director

"Walk With Me"
Daily Devotional

By Billy Graham

“These devotionals were originally intended to be shared with my family but I am now happy to share them with my wider family in the church!”