Free Church Youth Camps Prayer Day

Find out how you can get involved in the FCYC Prayer Day 2021.
FCYC Connect

Prayer Day – Sunday 13th June

Free Church Youth Camps (FCYC) is encouraging all congregations to set aside some time during their services this Sunday, 13th June, to pray for the planning and preparation of their online summer programme, FCYC Connect, which runs from the 12th – 16th July. 

For a second year running Free Church Youth Camps will not be taking place in-person due to Covid restrictions but will meet online. Organisers have arranged three age-appropriate Connect events: Connect Kids for young people in P5-P7, Connect Juniors for young people in S1-S3 and Connect Seniors for young people in S4-S6.

These events will allow campers to meet up with young people from all over the country, as well as catching up with some of the leaders from camp. 

FCYC Camps Coordinator Kirsten Macdonald said, “We have a FCYC Prayer Day in June each year to encourage focused prayer across the denomination, and further afield, for the work we do each summer. This year, although things are a little different, we would really value prayer for our planned week of Zoom meetings – FCYC Connect.”

As is usual with FCYC, campers can expect crazy challenges, entertaining activities, and the opportunity to learn more about God and how He wants His followers to live their lives to the full.

Prayer Points:

  • pray for inspiration and energy for the Connect leaders as they plan for the Kids, Juniors and Seniors events
  • pray wisdom and insight for those giving talks and leading discussions
  • pray that God would prepare the hearts of the young people who will be attending
  • pray that the young people would be greatly blessed through meeting old friends, making new ones, and spending time with older Christians
  • pray that the technology would work well with no glitches – everything is possible with God!

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