Free Church Teens’ Conference

The sold out Teens’ Conference begins tomorrow. Please pray for all involved.

The first Free Church Teens’ Conference is set to kick off tomorrow and continue until Sunday amidst the beautiful surroundings of Lendrick Muir, Perthshire. With all available spots now filled, this exciting new event is aimed at young people in S5 and S6. Open to both Christians and those eager to explore matters of faith, the theme of this year’s conference is “Living for Jesus in a Hostile Environment.”

Several speakers will address specific aspects of living for Jesus over the weekend. Robbie Sweet will tackle the topic of “Finding Solace in One’s Faith When Feeling Alone.” Rhiannon MacIntosh will guide attendees on “Navigating Life After School While Remaining Committed to Jesus.” Carrie Marlow will share insights on “Overcoming Anxiety Through a Life Lived for Jesus.” Anne Macdonald will emphasize the importance of “Maintaining a Christ-centered Approach to Relationships.”

This year’s keynote speaker is Rev. Andy Longwe from London City Presbyterian Church, who will explore the Book of Daniel during his talks.

Please keep attendees, speakers and volunteers in prayer.

Prayer Points for the Teens’ Conference:

  1. Safety and Travel: Pray for God’s protection as young people, leaders, cooks, and Rev. Andy Longwe embark on their journeys from various corners of the country to Lendrick Muir and back home this weekend.
  2. Impactful Messages: Pray for Rev. Andy Longwe as he delivers his talks on living for Jesus so that the teenagers in attendance may hear and internalise the message, understanding that a life centred around Jesus is the ultimate fulfilment.
  3. Lasting Relationships: Pray that the teens build strong relationships centred on Jesus during the conference, creating a network of support and encouragement that continues long after the event concludes.
  4. Welcoming Atmosphere: Pray for those teenagers who may not know anyone at the conference that they feel warmly welcomed and included in the group, finding a sense of belonging among their peers.
  5. Leadership and Guidance: Pray for the conference leaders as they engage with the young people, leading discussions and seminars. May they effectively point to Jesus while addressing the challenges and joys of living for Him.
  6. God’s Glory: Above all, let us pray that God’s name is glorified throughout the Teens’ Conference and that the event serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth and genuine encounters with Jesus.