Free Church Sends Donation to Support Relief Work After Cyclone Yaku

The Free Church has sent financial support to help victims of Cyclone Yaku.

The Free Church of Scotland, through its Disaster and Relief Fund, has sent £2,500 to Operación San Andrés (OSA) to support their relief work after Cyclone Yaku hit.

The impact of the cyclone has caused increased rainfall which has caused damage to crops, infrastructure, and property by overflowing rivers. One of the areas affected is Collique, on the northern outskirts of Lima. Collique is where OSA serves. OSA is responding to critical situations of need among the families we serve in Collique. One of the ways they intend to serve the families in Collique is assessing needs on an individual basis, and by providing waterproof roofing.

The Free Church of Scotland is grateful to God for the work of OSA and we are prayerful that his financial support will enable OSA to provide help and support to those who are in great need in the aftermath of the Cyclone.

The Mission Board wants to encourage churches in Scotland to continue to pray for God’s comfort to be known by believers across the global church. Please pray for those who are affected. Please pray that OSA would be guided continually by the Lord throughout their relief efforts with the people in Collique and that their work would ultimately bring glory to God’s name across the nations.

Donations from the Free Church of Scotland’s Disaster and Relief Fund are dependent on donations made towards the fund. If you would like to make a donation to the fund, you can do so here.