Free Church Responds to Scottish Govt Food Bank Consultation

The Scottish Government has opened a consultation on ending the need for foodbanks. Read the Free Church response here.

The Public Engagement Group of Free Church of Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Ending the Need for Food Banks: A Draft National Plan.

The Group welcomed the desire and principles underlying the Scottish Government approach. The Group said that we share their deep concern and compassion for those in need. The Group highlighted that many members of the Free Church of Scotland are involved in practical care for our neighbours through a variety of mercy ministries including foodbanks; that we are also involved in work with refugees and asylum seekers; that we see this as an outworking of Jesus’ command to love our neighbour as ourselves; and that we share the Scottish Government’s concern to respond to food insecurity in Scotland and welcome the focus on ways to recognise the dignity of those in poverty.

However, the Group also said that it believes that the Scottish Government’s proposals do not go far enough. More needs to be done to recognise the importance of family, community and work as part of the solution to food poverty. A focus on these areas will ultimately have a greater long-term impact and increase individual dignity and respect.

Download the Free Church of Scotland’s Response.