Free Church Makes Donations to Pakistan, East Africa and Ukraine Emergency Appeals

Free Church sends donations to emergency appeals helping those most in need in Ukraine, Pakistan and East Africa.
Pakistan Floods

by Rhiannon Mackintosh, Mission Co-Ordinator  

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, out-of-control food and fuel prices are driving vulnerable people globally into deep deprivation and starvation.

In Pakistan the situation is desperate, and the devastation is growing as we see in our newspapers and on our screens devastating monsoon and floods. Millions of homes, livestock and land has been destroyed and there is an urgent need for food, shelter and safe drinking water.

In East Africa, four successive seasons of failed rains have left more than 18 million people desperately short of food, worsened by the impact of the war in Europe. Many Ukrainians are still displaced and seeking refuge after leaving their homes, jobs and security in the search for safety.

As a church we bring these countries before the Lord in prayer, and we are grateful to those offering aid and support on the frontline.

The Free Church of Scotland is grateful to God for the work of Tearfund, who are working to enable local partners to offer aid and shelter from the floods in Pakistan, and for their provision of emergency food relief, the building of wells and training for farmers to teach new techniques to adapt to changing weather conditions in East Africa. We thank God also for United for Mission (UFM), who through their partners on the Ukraine border have provided over 3000 refugees with food, accommodation and for their aid within Ukraine.  

The Free Church of Scotland, through its Disaster and Relief Fund, is sending £6,000 to Tearfund for their appeal in Pakistan, £5,000 to Tearfund towards their work in alleviating suffering due to the food crisis in East Africa, and £4,000 to facilitate the work of UFM partners within Ukraine and Ukrainian Refugees. 

The Mission Board want to encourage churches in Scotland to continue to pray for these countries in desperate need, for His protection and comfort to be known by believers across the global church. Please pray that these organisations would be guided continually by the Lord throughout these appeals and their relief efforts, and that their work would ultimately bring glory to God’s name across the nations. 

Donations from the Free Church of Scotland’s Disaster and Relief Fund are dependent on donations made towards the fund. If you would like to make a donation to the fund, you can do so here

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