First Free Church Teens’ Conference a Great Success

35 teens came together for the first Free church Teens’ Conference in Lendrick Muir.

The first ever Teens’ Conference took place at Lendrick Muir, 23rd-25th June. It was a joy to have 35 teens (S5 -S6) coming together to hear teaching from Andy Longwe on Daniel, and being reminded that God is good, always. We also had seminars on living for Jesus in various areas of our lives, as well as plenty of fun.

We asked the attendees to write a report on the conference and here’s what they had to say:

“We really enjoyed Andy’s talks, he’s really interesting to listen to and kept our attention even when we were tired! (Most of us). The talks were relevant to what we are going through, Daniel was also a teenager and it was great to get some Bible advice from thousands of years ago that is still relevant today, Andy applied it in a way that was easy to understand and very helpful. Andy’s testimony was encouraging, relevant and thought-provoking. His unique testimony showed how good God is and this was very powerful.” 

“The seminars were very helpful as they focused on issues teenagers face in society today which was very relevant. The cooking was delectable, the cooks took very good care of us and the wonderful food which was provided gave us a sufficient amount of energy so that we could praise the Lord. We also thoroughly enjoyed the acoustics throughout the building, singing together is great fun and we love it.”

“We had a blast, thank you!!”