David Accepts The Challenge

On Friday 11th August, the Western Isles Presbytery met at Back Free Church for the ordination and induction of Rev. David MacDonald as Assistant Minister of the congregation.

Rev. James Maciver presided, delivering an appropriate sermon from the First Letter to the Thessalonians chapter 1. The praise was led by members of the Presbytery, Mr John Morrison (Leverburgh) and Mr John Murdo Macdonald, (North Tolsta).

Mr Maciver’s sermon was followed by the solemn and long-established process of the Free Church for the ordination and induction of a minister. The Clerk of Presbytery, Rev. Hugh Ferrier, related the steps that had been followed in filling the post of Assistant Minister. Mr Maciver then asked Mr Macdonald the questions appointed to be put to Probationers prior to their ordination and induction. Having returned satisfactory answers, Mr Macdonald signed The Formula in the presence of the congregation. After prayer, Mr Maciver ordained Mr Macdonald to the office of the holy ministry and inducted him as Assistant Minister of the Back congregation, granting him a seat in the Presbytery.

Rev. Calum I Macleod, the minister at Back then addressed Mr Macdonald with words of welcome and encouragement with Rev. Ewen Matheson exhorting the congregation to support their new Assistant Minister.

David MacDonald

A number of presentations were made in the church before Professor Emeritus John R McIntosh gave thanks for the provision made at Back Community Centre where a large number of guests welcomed Rev. David and Mrs Jayne Macdonald.
There was a magnificent spread to enjoy at the Centre before Rev. Calum Iain read congratulatory messages and cards to Mr and Mrs Macdonald.

Rev. David then introduced his guest speakers in turn – Rev Kenneth I Macleod, Rev. Paul Murray and Rev. Andrew Macleod. Mr Macdonald replied, thanking the speakers and expressing his own and Jayne’s heartfelt appreciation to everyone who had worked so hard to welcome them into the community.

The evening concluded with Rev. David’s father, Finlay Macdonald, leading the gathering in singing Psalm 69: 35-36 in Gaelic.