Covid-19 Guidance

Last Update - 25 March 2021


The Covid-19 Group offers advice and guidance for congregations.  The members of the group are as follows:

Mr Andrew Giffen (Chief Executive Officer)   

Rev Donnie G MacDonald (Moderator)

Rev Malcolm Macleod (Principal Clerk of Assembly)

Rev Iver Martin (Principal, Edinburgh Theological Seminary)     

Rev David Meredith (Mission Director)                            

Rev Bob Akroyd (Lecturer, Edinburgh Theological Seminary)

Mrs Muriel Macleod (Solicitor)


Any questions for the Group should be emailed to [email protected]



March 2021 Update

A Route Map for Congregations - V8.1


Test and Protect

To support the Government’s Test and Protect Strategy, it is recommended that congregations keep a temporary register of worshipper contact details for a period of 21 days. Those responsible for the church building or data protection e.g. minister, Kirk Session and Deacons Court should familiarise themselves with Test and Protect: and the briefing note here.


Other Advice 

Additional advice notes, templates and forms:


Note: Zoom advice is provided as an example, there are many video meeting alternatives that may meet your congregational needs better e.g. Webex, Skype, Google Meet and jitsi. The same principles outlined in the Zoom advice note should be considered.