Boards and Committees

Free Church of Scotland

The Board of Trustees deals with a variety of issues covering finance, policy, strategy, compliance, communications and risk management. 

Chair: Donald Forsyth 
Clerk/Contact: Andrew Giffen

The Board of Ministry works in partnership with ETS, Presbyteries, and other Boards of the Church in the training and equipping of Gospel workers, especially focusing on those applying to become ministers in the Free Church – either as candidates or as ordained ministers from other churches or denominations.

Chair: Paul Clarke
Clerk: Donald Macleod

The Mission Board has a broad remit over the ministry of the Free Church of Scotland, including church development, planting, extension and youth work. The Free Church of Scotland also has several mission interests abroad, including Latin America, India, South Africa and Central Asia.

Chair: David Macleod
Clerk: Rhiannon MacKintosh

The role of the Seminary Board is to oversee the operation of Edinburgh Theological Seminary. The Seminary is the theological centre where students for the Free Church ministry, as well as others, receive their academic training. 

Chair: William Mackenzie
Clerk: Heather Watson

The Assembly Clerks’ Office looks after arrangements for the annual General Assembly and the Commission of Assembly meetings. It advises the Boards and Presbyteries on matters of church practice and procedure, as well as coordinating nominations to fill vacancies on the Boards and Committees. 

Principal Clerk: Malcolm (Callum) Macleod
Assistant Clerk: Stephen Allison

Assistant Clerk: Neil (Lachie) Macdonald