Equipping Gospel Workers for Christ

The Board of Ministry works in partnership with ETS, Presbyteries, and other Boards of the Church in the training and equipping of Gospel workers, especially focusing on those applying to become ministers in the Free Church - either as candidates or as ordained ministers from other churches or denominations.

The Board of Ministry’s work is divided into two sub teams:

The Student Team:  Works with local churches to help identify potential candidates for ministry, oversees the development of suitable training schemes in local churches, and works with ETS to ensure that the theological education provided will equip candidates for ministry in the 21st Century.

The Ministry Team:  Works with Presbyteries to provide a pastoral care package that ensures ministers and their families are well supported in their work. This team is also responsible for the oversight of ministers’ working conditions in accordance with the law and good practice, and is continuing to develop the post-ordination package of lifelong training, through in-service training days, continuing professional development and conference provision.

The Board is focused on integrating its various remits, developing stronger co-operation with other Boards of the Church, and communicating with and supporting more effectively Presbyteries and local churches.

Please check back regularly for further updates on the work of the Board.

Apply for the Ministry

The Free Church of Scotland is thankful to have welcomed a number of new ministry candidates as well as ministers from other denominations over the past few years. Potential applicants can begin this process in two separate ways.

Application to be recognised as a candidate for the ministry

Someone who believes God is calling him to serve as a Free Church minister should complete the Application for Recognition as a Candidate for the Ministry form

This includes sections to be filled in by his own minister, Kirk Session and Presbytery and will involve an interview.

If the Kirk Session and Presbytery agree that the applicant should proceed to ministerial training at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, the Presbytery should complete the form and send it along with References to the Clerk of the Board of Ministry.

The Board will then interview the applicant and probably arrange for him to participate in the annual Assessment Day.  

If successful, the person will be officially advised that he is a Candidate for the Free Church ministry and what training he should undertake.

Application for Free Church ministry of an ordained Minister from outside the denomination

If a minister, who is not serving in the Free Church of Scotland, believes God is calling him to serve in the Free Church ministry, he should contact the local Free Church Presbytery. 

If he lives in Scotland he should get in touch with his nearest local Presbytery.  If he is not resident in Scotland, this should be to a Free Church Presbytery where he is known.

He should then submit the Application for Admission as a Minister of the Free Church of Scotland form to the Presbytery.

Presbytery will obtain the necessary References for review by its members.  The applicant will then be called for interview by Presbytery.

Should the Presbytery decide to support the application, it will complete the form and sent it along with the References to the Clerk of the Board of Ministry.  

At this point, the Board will arrange for a further interview and possible participation in the annual Assessment Day.  Following this, the Board will make a recommendation or otherwise to the Free Church’s General Assembly or Commission of Assembly.


Secure Resources

Ministry Matters

The Ministry Matters website contains a host of information about legislation for ministers and elders, as well as other resources such as the annual in-service training and finance updates.

If you have forgotten your password and user name, contact the Free Church of Scotland offices on 0131 226 5286. 

Post-Graduate and Apprentice Funding

Applications for partial funding are invited from individuals wishing to take part in a Ministry Apprenticeship Programme or Post-Graduate Studies.

Applications should be submitted by 1st July each year.

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