Big Free Rally Success

This year’s Big Free Rally moved online and was a resounding success!
Big Free Rally

Moving the Big Free Rally (BFR) online this year presented its own set of unique challenges for organisers, however, if limitations really do breed creativity then BFR 2021 was bristling with imaginative ideas that kept young people from over 50 locations engaged throughout.

From the outset, the pace was set by a succession of short and snappy presentations, talks, testimonies and challenges which gave a flavour of the annual gatherings usually held in Smithton Free Church.

Camps Coordinator Kirsten Macdonald said, “We’re delighted that so many people got together to watch the Big Free Rally videos on Saturday evening. The Big Free Rally Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed, as well as those who organised events for young people across the country. The videos will remain on our YouTube channel for anyone who wasn’t able to watch on the night, or who would like to use any part of the video in future.”

Ali Macdonald Chair of the Free Church Equipping Committee commented, “It was such a blessing to be able to provide something as an alternative to gathering in one location for this annual event. While we would look forward to being together next year, this year’s materials will leave a lasting legacy for use in various settings across the year.”

Free Church Youth Camps Supervisor Donald A. Macleod said, “It was great to link up at the beginning of the event with different groups across the church and to know that there were so many young people gathering on a Saturday night to watch clear and appealing presentations of the gospel and how it is affecting lives in Scotland today.”

“We are very indebted to Kirsten Macdonald and the BFR team who did an enormous amount of work pulling it all together and getting it out on the web so smoothly.”

Watch BFR 2021 again here