Back to Basics: Solas Sheds Light on Persuasive Evangelism at Back Free Church

Solas Director Andy Bannister visited Back Free Church to provide training on Persuasive Evangelism.

Back Free Church has hosted a Confident Christianity event with Andy Bannister, Director of Solas

The Solas Centre for Public Christianity is a ministry organisation based in Scotland. Its aim is to persuasively communicate the transforming truth of who Jesus is and empower Christians to do the same. 

Andy Bannister – Solas Director

Rev. Colin Macleod said: “This was Andy’s first trip to the Isle of Lewis, and we are already planning an extended follow up conference for next year! We had an excellent evening with several local congregations represented to listen to Andy. On the night he delivered two presentations to encourage Christian witness and reflect on the importance of evangelism. The first was ‘How to share your faith without being Cancelled.’  This talk focused on ways to both initiate a conversation and stay in it, with helpful suggestions on the use of questions when sharing your faith. 

“The second presentation focused on the ‘Uniqueness of Jesus’ and the heart of the Gospel. Andy brought out the major differences that exist between the world’s major religions that are all too often presented as just ‘being the same.’” 

Colin said Andy emphasised the reality that Christianity is superficially similar but fundamentally different, a reality that is established through the person and work of Christ.   

“A really encouraging evening and hopefully the start of regular visits from SOLAS speakers on the Island,” Colin added.