Act 32, 2011 (XXXII) – Act anent Finding of the General Assembly of November 2010. 25th May 2011.

The General Assembly receive the Overtures from the Synod of North America, the Presbytery of the Western Isles (A), the Presbytery of Glasgow and Argyll, and the Kirk Sessions of Lochs and Knockbain, but do not grant their crave for the following reasons:

  1. The Plenary General Assembly was empowered to decide the question remitted to it by the 2010 General Assembly following Barrier Act procedure;
  2. The question whether any proposed legislation is to be presented as an overture to be remitted to Presbyteries under the Barrier Act is to be decided by the Assembly at which the legislation is proposed;
  3. The procedure adopted by the Church to settle the question of the form of worship is consistent with the Barrier Act, in that there was very widespread consultation on the issue, the matter was not suddenly decided, and the Plenary General Assembly consisted of all ministers with a seat in Presbyteries together with an equal number of elders.

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The General Assembly, noting that annual statutory meetings of Provincial Synods have been suspended since 2009 General Assembly, and that the reduced number of Presbyteries in the Church has resulted in this tier of Church government becoming largely redundant, and desiring therefore that Provincial Synods be dissolved and removed …
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The General Assembly, noting the Government restrictions on travel and public gatherings due to the COVID19 pandemic, declare that the Assembly shall convene to take up urgent and time-critical business using the Zoom audio-visual technology platform. The General Assembly declare that the Assembly shall convene for one session only …