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Act 26, 1999 (XXVI) – Act anent Monitoring of College Course. 13th May 1999.

The General Assembly approve the following proposals drawn up by the Training of the Ministry Committee in consultation with the College Board which clarify the Committee’s monitoring role in ensuring that the College course continues to be a suitable preparation for the ministry of the Free Church of Scotland:

(a) The syllabus of the College course should be updated annually and given to Committee members and examiners, ordinarily by September. College Board members would also receive a copy for interest.

(b) There should be discussion each year between the relevant professor and the examiner about course content and assessment for that year, including continuous assessment work and essays.

(c) Each examiner would submit his report to the Committee.

(d) The Committee would review the reports of examiners and if recommendations for changes to a course or courses were to be made, then the professor would be approached by the Convener of the Committee.

(e) If no agreement or consensus were to emerge at this point:

(i) the Convener, on behalf of the Committee, would approach the College Senate for a view;

(ii) the Convener, after meeting with the Senate, would report back to the Committee to decide if any further action is required;

(iii)as a last resort either party would have the right of General Assembly appeal, bearing in mind that monitoring should still display respect toward the integrity, expertise, experience and intellectual independence of the professorial staff