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Act 29, 2017 (XXIX) – Act anent In-Service Training Conference. 25th May 2017.

The General Assembly instruct the Board of Ministry to arrange for the on-going training of ministers as follows:

1.  The Board of Ministry shall arrange for an In-Service Training Conference to be held each year. Ministers shall be required to attend once every three years.

2.  Each Presbytery shall nominate attendees to ensure that all active ministers within its bounds attend once every three years with one third of such members attending each year.   Resident Supply preachers and other auxiliary workers whose employment involves pulpit supply and work of a pastoral nature shall be eligible to attend on the same basis as ministers in a charge.

3.  At their discretion, the Board of Ministry may arrange a separate programme for new entrants to the ministry or for particular categories of minister. This may be arranged in conjunction with annual In-Service Training Conference or separately.

4.  The Board of Ministry shall appoint a Training Coordinator to organise an annual training conference. The Board may also appoint a deputy to arrange logistical elements of the conference.

5.  The Training Coordinator shall arrange the content in conjunction  with the Board of Ministry. Topics  will support development in preaching and pastoral skills, theological and pastoral theology and practical matters. The conference will usually include teaching, discussion, and practical seminars or workshops.

6.  While the preferred venue for the programmes shall be Edinburgh Theological Seminary the Coordinator shall have discretion to recommend to the Board alternative venues and arrange for the location, timing and duration of the Conference bearing in mind the need for economy and ease of access from different parts of the country.

7.  Those attending the Conference shall be reimbursed for accommodation and travelling expenses. The General Assembly instruct the Board of Trustees to make appropriate financial provision in the Board of Ministry Training Budget for this purpose.

8.  The General Assembly encourage ministers to avail themselves of other opportunities to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills, including the resources and short courses offered at the ETS Mission Centre, options for Post-graduate study, various interdenominational conferences in theological and historical studies and the option of Sabbatical Studies at ETS.

9.  The General Assembly repeal Act 37, 2006.